Parkside Drive-In will be a 60’ x 60’ building with one side for ordering. On the other three sides a 10’ picnic table patio with glass garage doors that can be lowered to create a flexible sheltered area. Additional picnic tables will be placed on the property.

The Lockport community is already following the progress of Parkside Drive-In. Often Lori and Mark are out and about in  the community and are asked, “How are the plans going? When are you going to open? Let us know what you need?  Let us know how we can support you?”

With this tremendous generated interest, Parkside Drive-In already has the beginnings of a powerful affinity group of customers. It will employ 25-35 people seasonally.

This business idea has been a long term dream of Mark and Lori Parsons. They are active members of the Town of Lockport and desire to bring  Parkside Drive-In to the community.

Lori  and Mark  have each worked in the fast food industry during different timeframes of their careers and they loved it. Mark and Lori look forward to their next careers, opening Parkside Drive-In and devoting their full attention to the business.