About Parkside Drive-In Lockport

Parkside Drive-In Lockport is a 60’ x 60’ building with one side for ordering. On two sides there are twelve foot patios with picnic tables. Glass garage doors surround three sides of the building which can be lowered to create a flexible sheltered area. Additional picnic tables are placed around the property for outdoor eating.

This business idea had been a long term dream of Lori and Mark Parsons. They are active members of the Town of Lockport and desired to bring a restaurant like Parkside Drive-In Lockport to the community.

Lori and Mark had each worked in the fast food industry during different time frames of their careers and they enjoyed it. Lori and Mark are enjoying their new careers operating Parkside Drive-In Lockport and devoting their full attention to the business.

Lori and Mark have been fortunate to have family support. They have two children Ashley and Adam. Ashley is married to Brandon Davis and they reside in Williamsport, PA with their two daughters Hannah and Emily. Adam lives in Lockport with his wife Abby Jo (Giansante) with their two children, a daughter Olivia and a son Adam. And, they are expecting their third child in June.

Their parents have always been supportive of all their endeavors. Lori’s father, Richard Shepheard, is a frequent visitor and is always there if they need any help. Unfortunately, Lori’s mom, Joan Shepheard, passed away before this project was conceived. Mark’s dad and mom, William and Marie Parsons, were very proud of this project. Unfortunately, they both passed in 2020. We know they are watching over us and wishing us the very best.

Parkside Drive-In Lockport